Nexgen Drying Systems specializes in providing industrial washing and drying solutions tailored to meet the rigorous hygiene requirements of the chicken processing industry. Within this sector, equipment such as crates, buckets, conveyors, including overhead conveyors and flat belts, are susceptible to contamination from blood stains, chicken feathers, and unpleasant odors, necessitating frequent cleaning. Our automated systems offer swift and comprehensive cleaning processes, ensuring impeccable hygiene standards are maintained in critical production areas. This ensures uninterrupted workflow and adherence to the industry's stringent hygiene protocols.

Our proprietary High RPM centrifugal blower, coupled with High Velocity air technology, ensures the desired washing and drying outcomes are consistently achieved. With our advanced systems in place, chicken processing facilities can confidently maintain the highest levels of cleanliness, safeguarding product quality and meeting regulatory requirements with ease.