Cutting-Edge Air Knife Drying System for High-Performance Beverage Industry Crafted to perfection for pristine moisture free packaging.

From ensuring label adhesion on bottles to maintaining ink integrity on cans, Nexgen Drying presents unparalleled solutions tailored for the beverage industry.

Our advanced air knife drying systems seamlessly integrate into production lines, accommodating speeds ranging from 100 to 2,000 CPM. Elevating standards across various applications, our solutions tackle challenges including sleeve labeling, roll-fed labeling, crown drying, safety sealing, corrosion prevention, hygiene maintenance, ink jet coding, shrink wrapping, and cardboard packing with finesse.

Indulge in the excellence of Nexgen Drying’s air knife drying systems for:

  • Carbonated beverage cans

  • Crates and pallets

  • PET bottles

  • Boxed drinks

  • Juice bottles

  • Carbonated Drinks

  • Ready to eat meals, Pouches, Chutneys , Sauces , Jam, Jellies.

  • Glass bottles

  • Jars

Experience the epitome of performance and precision in moisture free beverage packaging with Nexgen Drying.