To ensure the delivery of top-quality bakery products and adhere to stringent hygiene standards, maintaining a clean production environment is paramount. With increasingly precise hygiene regulations and stricter controls in place, any contamination can result in significant consequences.
Therefore, it is imperative to uphold cleanliness across all aspects of production and transportation equipment, including crates, trays, ovens, and conveyors such as flat belt and overhead conveyors.

Effortlessly achieving this level of cleanliness is possible through the utilization of Nexgen Drying System’s advanced industrial washing and drying machines. Our innovative air knife technology effectively removes carbon particles from molds, ensuring trays and crates are thoroughly cleaned. By
employing powerful air blasts, our machines enhance the quality and hygiene of products by removing contaminants with precision. Designed to tackle both light and heavy particles, our machines guarantee exceptional washing and drying results, whether it's removing light pollution from boxes or tackling heavily contaminated baking trays with stubborn residue.

At Nexgen Drying System, we are committed to equipping bakery businesses with cutting-edge technology to maintain impeccable cleanliness standards throughout their operations. With our state- of-the-art machines, bakery owners can rest assured that their production processes meet the highest
hygiene requirements, safeguarding the quality and integrity of their products.