Cutting-Edge Air Knife Drying Solutions Revolutionizing Fiber Material Handling and Coating Precision Mastering the complexities of woven fiber materials

Nexgen Drying System introduces advanced blower and air knife solutions meticulously crafted to overcome the challenges associated with handling a myriad of natural and synthetic woven fiber materials. Our innovative solutions excel in efficiently removing liquids utilized for cooling and coating applications while ensuring precise coating thickness.

Adaptable to diverse production requirements, Nexgen Drying's systems seamlessly handle web and braided fiber blow-off tasks, catering to varying product widths and production speeds with unmatched efficiency..

Nexgen Drying System remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering blower and air knife systems that redefine performance standards across multiple textile-related processes.

Elevate your operations with Nexgen Drying's tailored solutions for:

  • Silkscreen products
  • Continuous web
  • Multi-strand drying
  • Latex coating control
  • Web cooling
  • Dust blow-off
  • Static control
  • Coating drying

Experience the future of fiber material handling and coating precision with Nexgen Drying’s cutting-edge solutions.