Welcome to the world of S V Group, a distinguished conglomerate with a legacy spanning over 38 years specializing in rendering an array of services to sectors such as Automotive, Engineering, Appliances, Food, and Beverages. Proudly positioned within the esteemed S V Group of Companies, Nexgen Drying Systems Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a precision solutions provider of impeccable 100% drying solutions for bottles, cans, fruits, vegetables and pouch drying with a rich history of 18 years. Our journey commenced in 2005 with the debut of our flagship product, showcased at DRINKTECH in Munich, Germany. Since then, our global footprint has expanded to encompass over 6,000 installations worldwide.
At the core of our ethos is an unwavering commitment to innovation. We grasp the individuality of each client’s requirements and collaborate closely to engineer tailored solutions that impeccably align with their distinct product drying demands. Our air knife drying systems, meticulously engineered, are optimized for peak efficiency, reliability, and efficacy while simultaneously curbing energy consumption, waste, throughput time, and labor hours.

  • Our relentless dedication to excellence and exceeding customer expectations has been a pivotal driver in propelling our eminence in the industry.
  • We derive pride in delivering superlative service and unwavering support throughout the entire trajectory, commencing from the preliminary consultation through installation and beyond.
  • Our standing as a trusted and reliable partner for air knife drying systems resonates across various sectors encompassing Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, Automobile, Tyre Manufacturing, Mining, textiles, and the petrochemical industry.
  • Our solutions have traversed borders, gracing countries such as Australia, Germany, USA, Zimbabwe, Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Nepal and numerous others.
  • With our unswerving commitment to innovation, quality, and customer gratification, we incessantly refine our quality benchmarks and service spectrum to meet the ever-evolving expectations of our esteemed clientele.

Purpose Statement

Our mission is to elevate industrial drying processes through avant-garde Air Knife Drying System solutions, delivering unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and energy conservation.

Vision Statement

We aspire to attain global preeminence as the leader in Air Knife Drying System solution provider by 2030.

Mission Statement

At Nexgen Drying Systems Pvt. Ltd., our mission is to conceptualize, develop, and deliver high-performance Air Knife Drying Systems that elevate industrial drying processes by optimizing air efficiency, curtailing energy usage, and minimizing ecological impact. Our endeavor is to offer our patrons reliable, sustainable, and pioneering solutions that empower them to attain operational distinction, augment productivity, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Pillars of Nexgen Drying

Mr. Vikas Dangat

Chairman of SV Group of Industries.

He stands adorned with accolades such as Pune Ki Asha and many awards, epitomizing his contributions. His spheres of expertise encompass Strategy, Market Trend Analysis, Application Engineering, Industrial Automation and Innovations, Industrial Hygiene and Drying, Food-tech Engineering, Process engineering,Agri-Tech, Health, Wellness, and Happiness.

He stands adorned with accolades such as Pune Ki Asha and others, epitomizing his contributions. His spheres of expertise encompass Strategy, Market Trend Analysis, Application Engineering, Industrial Automation and Innovations, Industrial Hygiene and Drying, Food-tech Engineering, Agri-Tech, Health, Wellness, and Happiness.

  • Each endeavor he undertakes fortifies his reputation as a catalyst for transformative solutions, cementing his stature as a true trailblazer in industrial engineering.
  • His holistic approach to customer-centric engineering has yielded comprehensive end-to-end product portfolios spanning from concept-to-market to lifecycle phases.
  • His strategic ventures align with the purpose of championing excellence to amplify the global standing of the Indian brand.
  • His interactions with illustrious dignitaries, technocrats, and research scientists underscore his commitment to uplifting Indian talent.
Mr. Vinayak Ghodke,

Group Director – An Electrical Engineer by profession

Mr.Ghodke embodies an extraordinary fusion of expertise and creativity. With an illustrious record spanning two decades in industrial engineering, he is resolutely committed to enhancing the organization’s stature as the quintessential problem solver across all engineering dimensions. Leveraging his substantial 20-year voyage, he aspires not merely to match industry benchmarks but to surpass them. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional troubleshooting drives his aspiration to position the organization as the ultimate response to every engineering challenge. His legacy of hands-on experience bears witness to his profound influence on the domain, and his vision serves as an enduring inspiration to colleagues and peers alike.

He has a good hand of experience in mechanical, electrical and electronics.

  • Crafting the company’s strategic course.
  • Steering innovative product development through market insights

  • Pioneering business expansion endeavors to augment market share

  • Guiding sales teams to exceed revenue targets

  • Conducting comprehensive market analysis to spot emerging trends and seize opportunities

  • Navigating organizational shifts with resilience and agility

Mr. Pranav Dangat,

Director A dedicated professional

Mr. Dangat’s track record is replete with propelling organizational growth through continuous enhancement and strategic leadership. Infused with an explorative zeal, he brings a dynamic and adaptable approach to his roles. With over a decade’s worth of experience across diverse leadership positions, he consistently showcases a commitment to excellence, adeptly transforming challenges into prospects.

His key competencies include:

  • Fostering robust client relationships and delivering exceptional customer experiences

  • Researching and dissecting market trends to identify untapped avenues

  • Orchestrating team leadership, goal alignment, and a collaborative work environment

Mr. Pradnyesh Dangat,

Director An avant-garde business leader

Mr. Dangat’s resolute pursuit of continuous advancement is palpable. His diverse journey and comprehensive skill set position him as a
contributor to organizational success. Endowed with a fervor for innovation and exploration, he injects creativity and resilience into every facet of his professional odyssey.

His core expertise encompasses:

  • Formulating and executing business strategies that catalyze growth and innovation.

  • Optimizing supply chain operations for enhanced efficiency
  • Navigating organizational change and inspiring adaptive teams